A Mexican-American comedian who was funny when he had a self-titled TV show. After the show's cancellation, he got a talk show on TBS and is now not only unfunny, but his voice is now all croaky and his hair got a little lame.

Popular for his phrase "I GOT THIS!"
I am George Lopez and I need some water, I destroyed my voice.
by MtnDew23 January 11, 2011
Top Definition
When you are sitting far back on a toilet seat getting blumpkin (a blow job while taking a shit) and you drop a log that is so heavy it splashes toilet water in the girls face. You then have to kiss the girl four times.
Ever since I had to do that George Lopez in my girlfriends bathroom, I haven't been able to watch Lopez Tonite.
by lerk00 February 23, 2011
One of the funniest(if not the funniest)mexican comedians there is.He is hilarious.He talks about things most mexicans go through in their life.Unlike other jackasses like Carlos Mencia,George Lopez is funny when he talks about Mexican life.
Hey u seen that George Lopez "why u cryin"
Hell yeah that shit's crazy.
by jon_houston_mexican March 28, 2006
A funny as hell Mexican-American comedian famous for his show 'George Lopez' which unfortunately got cancelled. He sure kicks the shit out of Carlos Mencia, because he actually IS Mexican, while Mencia is Honduran.
'I heard George Lopez got higher ratings than Mencia.'
'Well no duh, he actually is Mexican, and he's so much funnier!'
by Colin H. Christ July 21, 2008
A once funny comedian, but has unfortunately transformed himself into a racist hack of La Raza.
After George Lopez's show was cancelled by ABC, he said "TV was becoming too white".
by Piranha October 08, 2007
To squeeze nothing out of something similar to the way George Lopez squeezes into movies
did you see Balls of Fury
yea typical George Lopez
by RBSherbet206 August 29, 2008
raging Mexican pimp who makes fun of his own kind for money.
George lopez: why you crying cabron???

sprite e-s-p-r-i-t-e
by Daniel the master of milfs January 02, 2009
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