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Australian born actor given the difficult task of being the first non-Connery 007. Much hated by many who haven't read On Her Majesty's Secret Service, he had the doubly difficult task of being the only Bond to genuinely fall for a girl, a trait that goes against a regular Bond story.

Used to be the Malboro man before being chosen to play Bond. Was actually asked to make a second Bond, but turned it down himself- a move he would later regard as the worst of his life. Recently got into Pierce Brosnan's bad books when the press overheard a comment he said about Pierce.

His Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, is perhaps Bond's most vulnerable film, but still manages to balance a love story with a thriller action piece about a plot to contaminate England's livestock and other food sources.
Guy 1: Dude that George Lazenby sucked. He needs a chick to save him from thugs? come on!

Guy 2: Yeah, but his only contact had been murdered and he had barely survived the trip down the mountain. You'd be pretty shook up too if you went through that.

Guy 1: Connery could have handled it. Even Daulton could have breezed it.

Guy 2: Yeah, and look at how Connery was in Diamonds are Forever- talking to Blofeld like he hadn't just killed his WIFE! I like Connery, but even he shouldn't have touched DaF.

Guy 1: Yeah, true dat.
by Bubblybrook July 25, 2006
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