lit: To be a lowbrow knuckle head loser.
Complete retard. Lying sack of shit.
Murderous lying thief.
That guy is so george bushed man, it's sick.
by Gman December 23, 2004
Top Definition
1. To attempt to verbally exert wisdom or intellectualism, but to instead allude to ones ignorance.
2. To expose ones lack of cognizance, especially in front of large audiences.
3. To blunder while relaying information meant to have dramatic impact, thus disarming its ability to do so.
"Fool me once.. shame on... shame on you... *confused look* ...You fool me, you cant get fooled again" -George W. Bush

"Wow, you really georgebushed that one!"
by thermyte August 12, 2008
To be completely destroyed by the hands of G.W. Bush.

See Fubar
America is completely destroyed, it has been George Bushed. Where to after 2008 Bush? Britain? Poland?
by Frank The Pug May 23, 2006
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