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I guy who fights in what he belives in and doesnt suck up to the media (like hillary).

doesnt listen 2 any liberal assholes

critisized by many who wish they could be in his shoes

killed the evil fucker saddam hussain

helped the country during 9/11 crisis
George bush is the president.
by lemonpartyfan April 04, 2007
592 269
The best president out there. He's like the prodigy child of JFK, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and George Washington. George Bush can do no wrong. You can't get any better, whether you're spreading democracy or helping the nation.
George Bush is the best president in the world!!!
by Republicansin08 December 02, 2006
579 261
A monkey-looking guy who was voted for president again. He shouldnt of won.
.."I guess this means four more years in the trash can !"

"Yep ol' buddy, it sure does"
by Soul Calibur Shadow Bat January 27, 2005
366 54
See idiot for definition.
Do you ever wonder why nobody smart ever gets past the primaries? We could definitely use someone with a quarter of a brain to replace George Bush.
by With_Gusto December 20, 2005
434 123
a old stupid white man who cannot be president
I'm not voting for him he is a GeorgeBush.
by Tyler Andere March 22, 2003
366 55
a cunt ass motherfucking penis kicker
Did that dude just GeorgeBush you?
by Abbey T October 14, 2007
303 28
GW in College
A retard who only got into Yale because his Daddy has money and barely got through wth a C- average. A cheerleader and cocaine addict who was commonly arrested for drunk driving.
GW in business
A financial flop who owns several corporations who should be bankrup except for the fact that his daddy put more money into it. Overall.. cant run a company... so how the hell is he going to run a country?
GW as president
toooo fucking much... would take my entire afternoon to write this. The basics... wrong on war, the war on terror, abortion, gay rights, examples, taxes and life in general.
GW on Sept. 11
After the attacks he had 7 members of the Bin Laden family in the united states in custody,,, want to know what he did with them? He let them leave the country and go back to Iraq. Bad choise Mr. Bush.
An idiot who has no clue what he's saying

"They misunderestimated me"
"I believe that the human being and the fish shoud be able to live together in peace and harmony"
"We should be able to put food on our children"
"Mission Accomplished" (NOT!)
"I know it's a budget... because it has lots of numbers on it!"

We are letting THIS man lead our country? What the fuck happened?
by Operartion Iraqi Liberation = OIL December 14, 2004
1246 1026