A school in Guildford, England. It has a number of buildings, and many of them are haunted. Pikey's also run around the school. The majority of the students are confused and overworked. The 6th formers run around and have fun. The teachers small. Every now any then, something funny happens, and then everything continues as it was.
"What school do you go to?"
"George Abbot."
"Oh right."
"Just asking."
by Daniel Stranger October 09, 2004
Top Definition
Also know as the man incased in iron. One day when he was reading a book, the arch villian of Guildford 'Superdouche' poured pig iron over him. For centuries he has remained like that and can still be seen in Guildford on top of the High Street.
Wow look its the man incased in iron!
by The Bearded Lady of Guildford April 13, 2005
School in Guildford. Hated by all other schools in surrounding area. They haven't realised yet.
"George Abbot sucks."
by anon April 03, 2005
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