Synonymous with semen, sperm, or ejaculate.
The new Detroit Barbie doll comes complete with a skanky dress, stained with realistic gentlemen's relish.
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
Top Definition
The resltant gooey mess, that explosively manifests itself, following vigorous self-agitation, or by one or more females performing acts of extreme jollity upon ones bodily parts.

Spunk, Guy Goo, Semen, Josh
For her Crimble Snowstorm, I called up the best Gentlemes Relish I had to offer.

She said "Thank you kind sir for such a selfless act of generosity in supplying my tidy little pussy with so much gentlemens relish." To which I replied "No worries lass!"
by Porlus December 03, 2007
another of a long list of names for semen
by nivek August 27, 2003
Also known as: male ejaculate, semen, jizz
Excuse me ma'am, I believe you have a small amount of gentlemen's relish on your upper lip.
by Langeama April 07, 2011
British English. Uncountable compound noun.

Any form of titillating frippery that gets one's "gentleman" in an aroused state.
I hope the wife is up for it tonight... I could do with a helping of gentlemen's relish.

Look at all of that gentlemen's relish on the top shelf.
by That's men's talk May 26, 2011
Something pleasing your substantial
After Al received oral sex from Xena, he exclaimed, "Isn't that just the gentlemen's relish!"
by Devon-Ryan-Tim January 26, 2007
The sauce betwixt a mans testes after extended periods of physical activity. Most pungant when one does not shower or bath for a day.
Hey charlies angel, would you like some gentlemens relish with your hot dog
by D1561 August 29, 2006

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