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Synonymous with semen, sperm, or ejaculate.
The new Detroit Barbie doll comes complete with a skanky dress, stained with realistic gentlemen's relish.
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
12 4
The resltant gooey mess, that explosively manifests itself, following vigorous self-agitation, or by one or more females performing acts of extreme jollity upon ones bodily parts.

Spunk, Guy Goo, Semen, Josh
For her Crimble Snowstorm, I called up the best Gentlemes Relish I had to offer.

She said "Thank you kind sir for such a selfless act of generosity in supplying my tidy little pussy with so much gentlemens relish." To which I replied "No worries lass!"
by Porlus December 03, 2007
38 15
another of a long list of names for semen
by nivek August 27, 2003
20 12
Also known as: male ejaculate, semen, jizz
Excuse me ma'am, I believe you have a small amount of gentlemen's relish on your upper lip.
by Langeama April 07, 2011
5 1
British English. Uncountable compound noun.

Any form of titillating frippery that gets one's "gentleman" in an aroused state.
I hope the wife is up for it tonight... I could do with a helping of gentlemen's relish.

Look at all of that gentlemen's relish on the top shelf.
by That's men's talk May 26, 2011
5 3
Something pleasing your substantial
After Al received oral sex from Xena, he exclaimed, "Isn't that just the gentlemen's relish!"
by Devon-Ryan-Tim January 26, 2007
3 8
The sauce betwixt a mans testes after extended periods of physical activity. Most pungant when one does not shower or bath for a day.
Hey charlies angel, would you like some gentlemens relish with your hot dog
by D1561 August 29, 2006
10 15