The most perfect person to have ever lived. Her beauty can't be measured by any human standard. Her smile is full of purity and kindness. Her eyes are filled with hope and see only the best in people, even if no one else can. Her heart is filled with compassion and love, witch is incapable of hating anyone. She is the origin of all that is good in this world.
Damn that girl is beautiful.
Yeah man she is a total Genevieve.
by women@lover January 28, 2013
Top Definition
A very deep and complicated girl who really cares about her friends. She may not see the world the way most see it. She is also extremely good at everything she does, but modest, because she doesn't think she's that great.
Person 1: "She's is acting really weird, I don't know what's going on."
Person 2: "She's obviously a Genevieve."
by iamcoolerthanu555 March 23, 2009
A kick ass French girl, who will bite your head off if you pronounce her name wrong.

Normally sexy and blond, or attractive and brunette. Originally from French background, ambitious and driven.

Artistic, talented, but modest, this girl doesn't think she's that great. Has everyone wrapped around her finger, by only being charming. Will attract haters, but only because of the attention she demands.
"Who IS that chick?"
"Foreign exchange student. Her name's Genevieve. DONT pronounce it wrong."

"Damn, I had the best night ever in Quebec. This girl Genevieve gave me a personal tour of the city, if you know what i mean. ;) "

"Hi, my name is Genevieve. Don't worry about it, you can call me Gen, a lot of people can"t say it. "
by rawrr33 January 16, 2010
A beautiful caring girl. She's the ultimate gift from god. She is thoughtful, pretty, nice and lovely. Also known as Gen.
That girl has such beautiful eyes, she must be called Genevieve.
by October 20, 2010
Genevieve is ALWAYS a bombshell. She will steal your heart the second you meet her. Her body is a wonderland. Her eyes shine like there's no tomorrow. Her smile will take your breath away. Everyone loves a Genevieve for her charm and kindness. Don't ever pronounce her name "Jean-vieve" because she will kill you.
Person 1: This girl is fucking hot.
Person 2: She's obviously a Genevieve.
by genevieve07 April 04, 2010
A woman who is extremely hot and sexy.
GUY 1: Lets get out of here, this place is dead.
Guy 2: We should check out that new place uptown,I hear that place is crawling with Genevieves
by WordupNinja September 25, 2010
genevieve is the name you give a child when you want them to grow up beautiful and caring. with wide open hearts these girls will often try and short form their name. but they will always remain genevieves beautiful sophisticated and DAMN FUCKING SEXAY WHEN THEY GET TO BE ABOUT 14. these girls care so much about others that there is a high chance that they are vegetarian.
look over there. that girl is a full out genevieve !

st. genevieve the patroness of animals.
by hehehevag November 22, 2010
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