A guy who sucks at UO and doesn't play on a really really mad shard that his friend plays on.
Gena likes to be called jenna
by JaSoN November 17, 2003
Means Disgusting piece of shit who likes to touch other people's significant other. This word generally means they have low-self esteem and take pride in hurting others. And is very ugly
Wow she is fucking gross, she must be a Gena.
by Robert Pattonson December 07, 2010
the flat body of a kindergartener and the head of a gorilla
ewww look at gena! she looks like a gorilla
by gena April 25, 2003
It means yer stoopid!! like off.. in the head.. physically and mentally!!! (oh and this is tha one that refers to sewa)..........
Damn!! she's all gena!!!
by tha one and only Ga~Ga November 29, 2004
the russian who likes pie yet is mentallly retarded!
Look at Gena! I mean.... geeeeeeeez!
by Vige November 10, 2004
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