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A talented dubstep artist named Thomas Slinger. Born in Leicester, U.K., sometime in 1990. As of April 2012, he has 6 EPs, the most recent being Fire Inside. His top tracks are titled Blue, And You, Vision, Feel Stronger, and Rise & Fall. He is quickly gaining popularity in the dubstep community, and has a very unique style and sound.
I know Gemini is a zodiac sign too, but I prefer to think about the musician.
by Gemini's Biggest Fan April 05, 2012
82 94
Twin track roller coaster with train colors of red and blue reaching heights of 118 feet and speeds of 60 Mph. Located at Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast!
Enjoy your 2.40 second ride on the one and only Gemini.
by shawn01 June 05, 2005
90 134
A company that sells DJ supplies such as Mixers.
"Nice! Check out that Gemini Mixer!"
by Joe June 17, 2003
25 73
best car in the world best in tiger gold with mirror tints and four wheels
by brad June 12, 2003
37 85
A taxi business card used in the zoot making process as a roach. Also referred to as 'Emini.
Have you got any Gemini for a roach?
by MissGeminis May 16, 2011
78 127
A sick rapper from Chicago. He now goes by Gemstones. He is works with Lupe.
Have you heard Gemini/Gemstone's new Mixtape? That shit is fire!
by D.C.-Minor July 10, 2008
26 74
A person born between May 21st - June 22nd who is a sadistic schizophrenic that doesn't realize his/her problems but everyone else notices how crazy they are.
Classic exemplary of a Gemini: Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Naomi Campbell, Donal Trump, and your teacher.
by From Anonymous March 25, 2012
81 131