Opposite of semen. The gooey substance that comes out of a gay man's erect penis.
Jordan C. guzzled the Gemen off his couch cushions although his mother sat in a large puddle of it.
by Chad November 13, 2004
Top Definition
"Gemen" is used to describe a very pretty and tall girl who walks gracefully and often indulges in arts such as figure skating, ballet, writing and sketching. A gemen has a clever wit and is very warm and ready to try new adventures.

She is often compared to an open flower.
Often shortened to "gem".
Sneha: "Gemen is awesome. She has such a fun personality, and she skates, too."
Ninad: "I could not agree more. I wish I was a gemen."
#synonyms: intelligent #beautiful #funny #sensitive #talented and graceful.
by Wem May 14, 2010
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