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a type of person who rubs their hair and sticks their tongue out for no apparent reason.
usually attracted to afghan people.
hey your being a g boy
by follywolly June 18, 2008
Young G. Young gangster. Can be used for other ages too doesn't have to be a kid.
Guy 1: Your kids looks like a gboy with them pants saggin.
Guy 2: Ya more g then you ever were
by SilverSon April 21, 2011
A flaming homosexual who thinks he can fight . usually a young male 10 to 18 years of age. hence the boy
That little fucking Gboy tried to fight me and i mollywoped him so hard in the face he shit skittles
by WiseOne From Hell July 30, 2009
To turn something fun into something lame
Fred: no dude don't G boy it!

Steve: lame now we cant say that anymore
by iamtheawesomest March 26, 2009
meaning Gangster, Gully, Gutta.
IMMA A GBOY!!! Im a Hustler who grinds and stays on top of my game!!!

Gboy is gangsta, he got game for pros..
by BadboySkullz September 20, 2005