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To sneeze at the precise moment you achieve orgasm. This is primarily only used for men, although women who squirt could also "schpoot" so the definition is flexible.

The muscle contraction caused by the sneeze is also known to increase the velocity of the ejaculation. Do not give someone a facial if you think you are about to sneeze unless the recipient is wearing OSHA z-78 certified safety goggles.
Klint, feeling that a sneeze was imminent, fearing a gazuntenschpoot, he attempted to warn his female partner, but he was too late. The aftermath of the gazuntenschpoot left his partner blind in one eye and with an incurable phobia of both sneezes and the business end of a wang.

Bob: Man, I hate alergy season, been gazutenschpootin every chick I've banged this week. I'm gonna end up killin a bitch.
by Joostin March 26, 2010
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