An individual who combines the most ridiculous aspects of gay culture with the lowest I.Q and the shortest attention span.
"Omigod, I like, love Jessica Simpson! Am I like, a gaytard?"
by giannirebl July 10, 2008
A homo-sexual who is also mentally retarded/challenged
see also, fagtard
Not only is that gaytard a homosexual, but he's also mentally challenged.
by mr. youdon'tknowme July 27, 2007
a term used to describe someone/something that is both gay and retarded.
"wow,I look like such a gaytard in that picture.."
by Maddie McGregor January 20, 2008
A Gaytard is an individual or groups (pluralized 'Gaytards ') that enjoys homo-sexually oriented comedy.
He's so a Gaytard because he's straight & he watches a gay show.
by DSDisco January 30, 2011
The banned that is usually named McFly but by smart people, Gaytards. 'Cus theyre gayyyyy, and retarded. Well mostly because theyre music is just earcrap .
McFly Fan : McFly rock my socks

Smart Person : They're gaytards you idiot I'd rather listen to my mother shit, at least that has a true sound.
by perfectmisfit November 02, 2008
noun, adj, adverb
When one acts obnoxious. They act a little gay, a little retarded. Thus creating..."gaytarded, gaytard, gaytardedly"
"Did you hear that Johnny didn't even get accepted to Massasoit???"
"Jeez dude, he's such a gaytard!
by TheGaze February 01, 2007
An insult that combines the deragatory terms of "gay" and "retard". It is not intended to offend greatly but just something to say when someone's behavior is worthy of such a title. It is also preferable to write it on a friend's AP Bio notes upside down where it would then become gaytarb.
"You are being such a gaytard!"

"Hey, stop getting me in trouble with the teacher, you gaytard!"
by Seamus Aimney March 14, 2005

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