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The most politically incorrect insult. When someone is being "gay" or a "retard".
"OMG, You're such a gaytard!"
by Jojer March 24, 2008
The name to someone who you think maybe homosexual and is (in your opinion) "speshal"
Fairweather is a bloody "gaytard"
by Nibling October 11, 2007
when someone is a random mixture of retartedly dumb and homosexual. These so called gay-tards have arrogance for days so when you encounter them strutting around jumping over things and doing handstands in pools, use your gay-tard-dar and ignore them because they will ruin your day with homo erotic gayness.
Holy shit look at that gay-tard!!!

Damn dude is he trying to impress that girl by being a total douche turtle?
by IM LIKE THA OWNER TNW June 04, 2010
a gay tard is a combanation of being gay and slightly retarded. when you are a gaytard you most likley love men and the cock and at the same time have mental and/or physical dissabilitys.
-wow, that guys a fucking gaytard.
-that guys hot and a gay tard at the same time
-jason betts loves the gaytard cock.
by krisjan morrow (i am hot.) June 22, 2004
When a person is gay and is a retard, Gaytard
God dude you are a Gaytard!
by 122'R January 05, 2011
a retarded person that is sexually attracted to another retard of the same gender.
retard 1: i lik yo bu im real stupid.
retard 2: raw raw raw raw?????????
random guy: WTF are you a gaytard?
retard 2: raw raw raw raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by brian is a noob February 04, 2009
Something stupid cocky guys call other guys who dont fit into a social "norm".
guy trips
jock: whadda gaytard!
by JustSayin February 28, 2012