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The white mayaonaise-like substance that forms around the anus during anal sex. Caused by the loss of moisture, in water based pesronal lubrication gels, due to heat and friction (KY).
Damn, I poked that dude's ass so long and hard, I done whipped up some gayonaise.
by Bessie Macula January 13, 2005
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A smooth goo-like matter that appears as if by magic during high-friction sexual encounters having to do with sex involving the chocolate starfish or anus.
We thumped buttcheeks 'till a glob of Gayonaise reared up and said "booya' keep on thumpin'"
by Sofonda Buttocks January 15, 2005
A sauce that is made up of garlic and mayonaise - it's common name is "aioloi". This, is too many vowels for one word and can be quite a mouthful - hence 'gayonaise'. This sauce is usually consumed with hot chips.
"I would like to order some hot chips with a side of gayonaise please"
by australiandarkhorse April 05, 2010

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