One partner in a pair of married gays.
"Hi, I'm Jim and I'd like to introduce you to my gaymate, Bob."

Jim and Bob used to be just playmates. Since they got married, they're gaymates now.
by docsterx June 26, 2011
Top Definition
n. Heterosexual person who actively supports the homosexual lifestyle and the gay rights movement. May have gay relatives, friends, coworkers or neighbors. May participate in the equal rights movement through political petitioning, sharing of propaganda on social media, proselytizing/education, marching in pride parades, attending gay weddings, etc. Vocal against homofoes.
"Not just some of my best friends are gay, most of them are! I'm more than a faghag, I'm a gaymate!"

"For the first time in history we have a president who is a gaymate. Things are moving in the right direction."
by Miss Alaineous June 26, 2013
Two guys that are secret gay lovers.
Brandon and Levi are gaymates.
by Shannon 69 April 26, 2010
A Gay guy friend every woman needs, similar to a Play mate.
Melissa went on day out with her Gay mate.
by NilesDevin February 10, 2010
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