Something of homosexual tendencies, or a hetero person known to display some homosexual tendencies
You gaybee, stop staring at my dads ball cleavage
by Jon Himself March 13, 2003
Top Definition
Someone cuts her own hair, fake tans a bit, but otherwise, a real stunner.

When Gay-Bee's are exluded from class; they make sock puppet shows.
Omg; That Sock Puppet show was amazing! Your such a Gay-Bee!
by Gay-Bee October 09, 2007
Gaybee is the noun form of calling someone gay.

It was developed just because a gay way of saying gay was needed.
You're such a gaybee you gaybee.
by Mark August 09, 2004
n. when a couple of homosexual sorts decide to adopt a baby.
mark and aj decided to have a gaybee
by JeskaShitHappens August 06, 2008
an insult straight males sometimes sling at each other that is a hybrid between gay and baby.
"Quit being a gaybee and drink the shot!"
by ducksRpeople2 September 09, 2011
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