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Gay Nigga is used to describe one as being "gay" or doing "gay" acts. It can also just mean being stupid as hell. Being a gay nigga doesn't mean your gay, you could just be doing gay looking or stupid stuff. You don't have to be black. Gay Nigga can also be used during emotional moments or quite moments. Gay Nigga defines everyone!
Man 1:Why they all on top of each other, that doesn't even look like fighting.
Man 2: They some Gay Niggas.

Example 2
Teacher: Quiet!
Kid: Gay Nigga!
by TheMainAndOnlyBigD June 11, 2013
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A term used when an person of colour does something to draw attention
"Hey tom look at that fucking gay nigga over there breakdancing and playing basketball at the same time !!
by Super jo jo and friends November 14, 2016
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