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When straight guys go to a party and get so drunk they turn gay.
1. Fuck! I woke up naked on a pool table with a beer bottle up my ass and dried jizz all over my body. I must have gotten gay drunk again last night.

2. Bob: Dude, I saw you on Boiz Gone Wild. You're a faggot.

Andy: Okay, first, I was gay drunk, so it's okay. Second, WTF were you watching Boiz Gone Wild for!?

Bob: ... you're gay.
by BennyC November 28, 2006
someone who kisses(makes out with etc) members of the same sex when drunk. usually occurs between college-aged females.
Edward Cullen: sorry for always trying to hook up with you at parties. I'm not gay, I swear. you're just really hot when I'm drunk

Jacob Black: it's okay. you're just a gay drunk
by rjennings February 20, 2010
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