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Like a regular dance party, but with better music, classier vodka, and trashier sluts.

Gays often crave homosocial spaces. Gay dance parties, or anything queer-centric, offer a brief reprieve from the oft-repressive hetero world. Gay dance parties offer a space where gay men and women (and anyone slightly removed from the hetero/gender-normative spectrum) can let their hair down. Rather than being judged by oppressive heteros, they can be judged by bitchy queens :)
Clubs sometimes hold gay nights a few nights a month, if you're desperate to find a gay dance party. Definitely something to check out.
by hbeforei November 09, 2010
Last friday, g4l has organized a gay dance party. it is basically a bored sausage fest, but still fun.
im bored. lets have a gay dance party
by G4L has GDP February 14, 2005
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