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Gay Aryan Skinheads Worldwide, better known as G.A.S.H. Worldwide is an extreme and notoriously violent Gay Aryan Skinhead faction. G.A.S.H. Worldwide is NOT to be confused with G.A.S.H International, or other groups going by the name of G.A.S.H.

New members of G.A.S.H. Worldwide must undgergo a rigorous 12 month probationary period before getting "patched".

G.A.S.H. Worldwide often operates covertly by infiltrating various pro-White organizations and compromising its members. Those who fall victim to this faction of G.A.S.H. are often blackmailed into a form of gay sexual slavery. Many victims are forced to participate in underground "G.A.S.H. Parties" which involves the victim getting butt and throat raped by 10 or more G.A.S.H. members. G.A.S.H. members often claim the buttrape victims were "Gay bashing breeder scum".
Which faction of G.A.S.H. are you from? G.A.S.H International or those violent butt rapists from Gay Aryan Skinheads Worldwide?
by GayAryanSkinhead October 07, 2010
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