A conspiracy theorists lame idea that all gays are out to get straights and convert them. Unfortunately all the gay agenda really is, is a program to promote understanding of homosexuality. Or as to put it by 1 gay man like myself TO BE LEFT ALONE. Christians obsess on the gay agenda constantly
did you hear about the gay agendas plans to take over washington? OMG if that happens we'll all have to fuck men.
by D November 21, 2003
A list of things which a gay man wants to get done on a particular day.

This will typically include:
Sex acts of a radical manner, likely to cause the gradual destruction of western civilisation
Acts of social and political subversion, likely to cause the gradual destruction of western civilisation
Acts of general campness, indicative that the gradual destruction of western civilisation is already underway
My Big Gay Agenda (TUESDAY)

Breakfast. Brush teeth.
Engage in act of farage with postman (or rent boy if no letters delivered)
Open mail.
Write to Prime Minister of Great Britain, demanding an end to serfdom, and the head of Judge Jefferies.
Write to President of U.S., demanding end to death penalty, and/or Texas.
Flounce. Mince. Preen.
Say "Oo, I don't know where that draught's coming from, Ducky, but I can tell you where it's going to!"
Undertake complete interior redesign of house (someone else's).
by Pipe Downn June 21, 2011
A political term commonly used to describe what certain segments of American society believe to be an attempt by all gay rights advocates to reshape American society in such a way that straits would begin to suffer some form of descrimination. There is no proof for this, as the overwhelming majority of them simply want to be left alone and be allowed to live their lives as they wish, as is the right of any other group of American citizens.
There is no actual proof that Michael Swift's essay, the gay agenda, was meant to be taken seriously.
by FVZA May 20, 2006
The Republican's favorite whipping boy, so to speak. Something a Republican accuses anything that he or she opposes of being part of in order to excuse their racsist and homophobic attitudes. Especially if it involves taking care of the most vulnerable amongst us. They will toss this accusation even if the thing they oppose has nothing to do with homosexuality.
Human rights has been named as part of gay agenda by Republicans.
by jesster79 February 26, 2006
Come on... the agenda is sex...
Ooooh, He's cute...I think I'm getting an gay agenda...
by dirtseller June 07, 2006
There are two definitions for the gay agenda:

1. (the incorrect one):
The gay agenda is commonly referred to by conservatives and Christians as homosexuals' general set of goals:
- Make everyone gay.
- Bring about general demoralization of society.
- Break down the family unit.

There are other goals according to those who accept this definition to be true, but these are the ones most often heard.

2. (the correct one):
-Promote equality and tolerance for everyone (including, but not limited to equal marriage rights): gay, straight, black, white, whatever. Period.
1. Those gays always want to get into our schools and our politics so they can promote their gay agenda.

2. Someone who accepts the second definition probably would not use the term gay agenda, unless talking about how it is used incorrectly.
by through_the_looking_glass February 04, 2010
The gay agenda: The desire of homosexuals to be left alone to live in peace.

Bob: I really wish people would quit spray painting the word 'fag' on the hood of my car just because I’m gay.
Tom: They won't stop until we stop pursuing the gay agenda, convert to Christianity, and apologize for being gay.

by insdel2004 March 02, 2006
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