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Used to describe three of anything considered awesome, primarily regarding to sex or alcohol.
Ex. Hey bartender, can I get a Gautam over here?
Ex. Damn, he just Gautam'ed three girls!
by DaGreenThunda September 25, 2009
1. someone who is loved by everyone

2. one with a one of a kind personality
Gautam is the coolest cat in VA.
Sagar's twin brother is a Gautam
by gatman711 August 04, 2006
it is when you get someone...


Got em!!!
When i was playing poker i laid down my royal flush and said Gautam!

I crossed that nigga over and shot the jay, and screamed Gautam!
by V-12 April 29, 2006
gautam is the french word for a bite
LOOK! tht guy has a gautam !
by udfhdkfaf May 05, 2011
A word of exclamation. Usually said in a loud voice prior to a diss or comeback.
Justin: "I have my homework, but it's incomplete."
Teacher: "Well than that's a 0% quiz grade."
Josh: "GAUTAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by doctorsingh May 19, 2010
gay; to be gay; gautam is a very common word used to insult someone who you feel is gay
Bob is a gautam
Rajan is such a gautam today because he tried to touch yuki's ass
by 1pyro1 April 26, 2006
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