Hotter than any girl u'll like
WOW!!!! look at that GAURI!
by itsbritneybitch February 07, 2008
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Cute, Sexy, Lovely, Fun to be with, Gorgeous, Divine, HOTTT, Special, Terrific, I LOVE HER
Look there goes Gauri!!
by Gauri's Luver May 19, 2003
the sweetest girl on the earth, someone who is nice, talented, special, and cool!
Wow, she is so gauri today!!!
by ........ May 08, 2003
the sweetest girl on the eath, a nice, caring, talented person
Wow she is so gauri today!
by ........ May 08, 2003
often referred to an individual who tends to have sexual attraction for both males and females also known as bisexual. When in denial, constantly drives peers insane and also when rejected by one of the same species, looks to have interactions with organisms such as trees and squirrels
Hey, look at the gauri over there humping that tree!!!
by cacahoutey January 22, 2008
a stupid girl who doesn't listen to what her best friend tells her to do and goes out with guys that rape you from the back
wow! thats the worst gauri i've ever seen
by marymoocow January 22, 2008

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