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Very thin and bony from a disease,hunger or cold
''my god he looks so gaunt! poor guy!''
by sweet jesus June 22, 2006
When someone enters a state of nakedness, whilst in a party or celebratory situation

Oh my God, he's gaunt and rubbing himself on that unconcious poon
by Battle aka Chont Master C December 06, 2005
somebody of a dirty family backround history that never ingages in personal hygeine activities
"That kid never showers, he's like a gaunt."

"Yo, bitch you getta phat wiff o Chris today, smells like a freakin gaunt."
by kentuckyfriedjimbo May 26, 2008
dirty as can be, super corrupt, indecent, grungy, grundell,
"Dude you just banged two chicks in the same day without washing your dick, thats some gaunt ass shit!!!"
by Rowdy Rauf August 18, 2011
1). An embarrassing moron.
Did you hear that gaunt on the radio this morning, what an idiot!
by robey October 04, 2004
A condition of obesity in women wher a pendulous abdomen and pubulus mumbus become one.
Her gaunt folded over like a water laden baloon so as to obscure her vagina completely and deprive it of much needed air circulation.

by small paul January 22, 2008
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