A negative disposition displayed by a possessor of gay identity. Typical attributes include finger pointing, high pitched sarcasm, and a supreme sense of entitlement accompanied by sanctimony.
Seated at a cafe discussing which celebrity you most closely resemble.
Civilian: I think you'd be Helena Christenson
Victim: Oh really, thanks!
Gattituder (overhearing and then interrupting): Yeah, maybe if a truck had run over her face.
by gary gattitude September 28, 2009
Top Definition
The false sense of toughness a person exhibits when carrying a firearm.
"That guy would never mouth off to me without that gun. He's got a serious gattitude problem."
by DennisJD July 30, 2013
The badass attitude someone gets while chewing gum virgorously open-mouthed.
Marci nearly bit my head off for asking a simple question because she had gattitude.
by Fru March 30, 2010
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