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A thriving tourist metropolis in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, just east of Knoxville.

Here you can find the Ripley's Museum, a huge Aquarium, and lots of arts, crafts, and FUDGE! What a way to spend the day!
Gatlinburg is a tourist's dream in the heart of the Smokies.
by Squishy January 12, 2004
A small city in eastern Tennessee that has become a tourist mecca. Every year, millions of stupid fat people from Ohio move to clog the streets of Gatlinburg, ambling down the main street to gorge themselves on fudge, funnel cakes, cotton candy, corn dogs, and make fun of the locals. They visit the local saltwater aquarium, which makes perfect sense because it's, you know, landlocked. They completely ignore the national park and instead buy cheap airbrushed T-shirts and get married in cheesy drive-through wedding chapels. At the height of tourist season Gatlinburg holds all the charm of Times Square the morning after New Year's Eve.
1) Gee, honey, I'm feeling my I.Q. creep up again. Better fix that. I think it's time for another family trip to Gatlinburg!
2) Look at this cheap, useless crap I bought in Gatlinburg!
by CHN July 20, 2006
A). A city in Eastern Tennessee that is notorious for gridlock hell. This so called "tourist" destination seems great in theory, however once you're there, you better have at least a day to spare to get in and out and drive throughout the city. The gridlock in this city is so bad it's faster to drive in NYC than this pos town. Once you are out don't even think about going to the next city, Pigeon Forge, because you'll have to belt out two hours of your time along with everybody else to travel five miles.

B). Gatlin: Latin for wait all day
Hey man, you want to go to Gatlinburg?
"Dude, fuck that you'll have more fun watching paint dry.
by metallica36 February 15, 2015
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