A suburban South Jersey school with 7-12th grade education in Woodbury Heights. The four main towns that send their kids are Woodbury Heights, Wenonah, Westville, and National Park but the new School of Choice program receives students from out of district.
We are the Home of the Gators with the best football team in all of South Jersey with our 0-Terrible record. The Marching Band/Color Guard has more State Champ titles than the Football program could ever dream of. Our Boys Soccer team is consistently undefeated but everyone knows that they’re blonde homosexuals except resident wannabe rapper #CharlieBlaze. Our other teams are okay except for Basketball which consists of our deadbeat football team.
The Drama Department is split by the Fall Play and the Spring Musical. Both programs range from mediocre to excellent depending on the year. The Choir and Band are okay and Madrigals is good. Our TV/AV club (tries) does the morning announcements. The kids are fine but in recent years it’s become the Island of Misfit Toys.
Most students are white middle-class “gangstas”. There's a small amount of black and Asian kids. There's a decent amount of ‘scenesters’ in the younger grades. Due to the popularity of one band Breaking Tradition, there's an uprising of lower quality garage bands aka Unrelated Issues. Half of the school smokes weed and an even more are alcoholics. The lower the grade is the higher the concentration of yoga pants that flood the hall.
Overall, it's okay.
Out of District Kid: Damn, the game is already 45-7, 10 minutes into the first quarter. Who are these losers?
Other Out of District Kid: That's Gateway Regional High School. Their football team sucks ass.
by LarrySmockIsMyDad October 28, 2012
Gateway Regional High school is A high school in Woodbury hights New jersey accepting student from National Park, Westville, Wenoah, & Woodbury Hights with prepy whilte people who mostly alll drink and smoke. All the girls are bitchy and all the guys are hideous. The majority is White. You might catch some Black people here and there & one or to spanish and chinese people, but that school is a white school. They suck at mostly all there sports. There football team is trash they never win a game. I don't even think they have made it to the play offs yet. If you go to that school then you most likely drink and smoke. The white kids have nothing better to do than to argue with there parents and party all day. There is Also no really cute boys in that school. There is some pretty girls but that pretty girl most likely already did it with the whole football team. So just in genreal Gateway is a pretty Wrong school. All the Kids that you see in your Middle will most likely not be there your high school year. Alot of kids drop out in that school. All the white people don't really talk to the black people. I don't know if there scared of them or what. But Mostly all the white people in that school try to act black. Especially the girls. There are some fights here and there but when there is a fight. Alot of time the other girl will punk out.
Gateway regional High school
Sarah- Im going to fuck her up
Nick-Fuck who up?
Sarah-Aly Strati, she is a bitch I hate her.
Nick- (Runs to Aly) Sarah b said she is going to fuck you up.
Aly-I want to see that bitch do it. (walks up to sarah)
Aly- You said you were going to fuck me up? Well i want to see you bitch do it!
Sarah-I never said that. (Friendly voice)
Aly: Ohh.
by Fangirl123 August 18, 2010

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