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Female appendages that forestall, deter, or prevent procreative sex.

Gatekeepers work to prevent conception
horny? you'll encounter Gatekeepers before you can orgasm

Gatekeepers are contraceptive

I wanted in her pussy but when I insisted on getting past her ultimate Gatekeepers... I discovered anal sex is a THOUSAND times more fucking awesome

As long as the position you fuck her in has her ass BELOW her pussy, anal sex is contraceptive (and not abortifacient like pussy on birth control), so her Gatekeepers are more likely to allow it.

She likes penis but (of course size does matter) she is not ready to conceive a child with you.

Some of her Gatekeepers perform double duty: left hand, right hand.

Appease her Gatekeepers and masturbate to your homemade sex video you made with her

The better your refractory period the more you will encounter Gatekeepers

Her Gatekeepers don't care how often you use porn: she prefers you use porn instead of using her.

If her Gatekeepers won't let you in her ass dump her.

When she refuses making a fucking video dump that Gatekeeper.
by bluntlier July 08, 2012
The Gatekeeper is the person who upon receiving a bowl or a blunt within the circle, begins inhaling off the hit in the chamber that is left from the previous smoker. The Gatekeeper is not a frowned upon or derogatory term.
Steve is the type of Gatekeeper smoker.

I had to be Gatekeeper, I had no lighter on me.
by Mr. 303 June 16, 2011
The fat,ugly, or fat and ugly girl that attaches herself to a good looking girl. The soul existance of a gatekeeper is to keep the pretty girl from ever meeting someone. If the gatekeeper is beaten by a man know as the chosen one or a man with a wingman the gatekeeper will no longer have any reason to exist and becomes a fallen gatekeeper.
Did you see that hottie at the end of the bar? dude, fly wingman for me and take out the gatekeeper.
by KungFu April 05, 2005
a friend who acts as the perfect third wheel by distracting parents and/or guardians while friends are hooking up nearby
"Hey Amelia, thanks for watching the door the other day while Levi and I were hooking up. You're the best gatekeeper ever!"
by notsohazeleyes August 15, 2015
Rather large, moody African American women, in the city of Atlanta, that are in charge of, or in the way during, everything that you must do in a given day. The gate keeper being pissed at the world for what ever reason make it unbearable and almost impossible to complete the various task(s) at hand in a given day.
I was going to go to the bank but the gate keeper closed the line I was in, when it was my turn, so she go on a cigarette break.

I was going to buy 1 banana from the store when a gate keeper cut me off with 8 kids and two kart loads of groceries.

I just got out of traffic court and the gate keeper won't let me give her my f*cking money to pay my ticket. She wants me to go to jail!!!
by fuk$ July 20, 2008
The sexual act where one partner acts as the 'gatekeeper' clenching his or her anus in an attempt to prevent the other partner from penetrating the anus forcefully with his member or a phallic sexual aid (dildo).
Man... Bob and I were playing gatekeeper last night and he was able to siege my stronghold in moments.
by JacobianSmith May 20, 2012
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