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A gay bastard.
Guy 1: Dude, look at that gay guy over there kicking that puppy.

Guy 2: I know he's such a gastard!
by Delicious Nuggets January 14, 2009
A Gastard is a fart that no one claims. It is a concatenation of "gas" and "bastard". A fatherless fart.
"Oooooh!" exclaimed Alex. "Who fathered that bomb?" Not me's ring out from the crowd. "It is a stinky gastard!"
by CaptJTKirk August 27, 2009
Noun. A combination of gas and retard.
Somone who drives a giant, fuel inefficient SUV then has the balls to complain about paying $400 a week to keep it gassed up. Often seen with a "Gas Prices Suck" bumper sticker.
Gastard: Something needs to be done about this, I just spent $110 to fill up my Escalade.
Smart person: maybe you should buy a car with better milage.
Gastard: but I NEED! my hulking status symbol!
Smart Person: Gastard
by Wolf89 December 31, 2006
a bastard who has a-lot of hot air
my girlfriend called me a gastard after we had a fight at taco bell.
by barefoot1xxx May 04, 2010
-(n)- Gaston County retards (this word was given to me by God).
Only us gastards like sundrop... it's true.
by xTristam March 05, 2010
Short for Gay Bastard
Steven: Hey Bill, look at that fucking gastard across the street

Bill: Yeah what a fucking gay!
by The Man of the Second October 24, 2006
some kind of bastard who comes aside
and asks you if you have a manger
oh, don't treat, it's a gastard
by neerval October 29, 2015
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