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The coolest guy on the whole fucking universe. He is so awesome that Chuck Norris makes Gassan jokes. His swag levels are over 9000! He's pretty much a big deal where ever you go, even if its not on Earth. He has some haters, but they have nothing on him. He makes the Hulk look like a fucking pussy.
Man that guy is so awesome. His name must be Gassan!
by GasmonH August 20, 2012
13 7

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1. To be extremley perverted.
2. To disregard females.
Matt is being such a gassan today.
by George Gorringe May 03, 2005
8 21
1337 fagz0r who sux0rz the buttz0rz
"I am gassan...haha"
by Advil April 04, 2004
8 23