LSD, enhanced with Repeated doses of Nitrous oxide, spread over Several hours.
The last time I did Gascid, I took 200 micrograms of Acid, started the Nitrous at about the 5th hour, and did 50 whippets of over the next two and a half hours, toured almost the entire universe, hung out with all of my ancestors and a few of my descendants, Experienced the most perfect moment of my life - *again* - and after cocktails, made love with God for a few eternities.
#lsd #nitrous oxide #psychedelic #acid #hippie-crack
by FractalGod June 19, 2011
Top Definition
A mix of Nitrous Oxide and Acid (LSD), the term first coined by bluelight member "TheMerryPrankster". He wrote an account of his lifetime dealings with these combinations of drugs and similar experiences.
i think i've got OCD - lol. is it pronounced gas-sid or gas-kid?

gas-cid (as in Gas and Acid)
#acid #gas #gascid #nitrous #oxide #nox #lsd
by BishopsBishop June 18, 2011
LSD, with a small burst of nitrous.
dude I had some gascid and I went to another dimension man!!! it was groooovy!!!
#acid #lsd #nitrous #drugs #gascid
by adsfd December 11, 2007
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