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Term from 'Team America World Police', the Parker and Stone movie, where Spottsworth asks Gary to suck him off but doesn't actually show the act.

1.Any claim of delivering the cookies where the movie, actors, or people in a situation on TV, or in real life, fails to actually show anything!

2. Kind of like falling off the rails or failure to deliver.
Gary suck my cock.

Tom: You know in Team America when Gary was aske,d suck my cock, by Spottsworth?
Zeke: Yeah
Tom: Well they don't actually show it! I was pissed. I wanted to see him at least get a facial cumshot. I mean they showed other puppets fucking, even Gary, but no blowjob.

ZXeke: But there is porn of it somewhere.
by americafkyahfdf June 19, 2011

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