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When your lady leaves a slimy trail of vaginal juices on a mans upper lip.
gary the snail+dirty sanchez=gary sanchez

Pedro-"last night I let Maria sit on my face, and all I got was a gary sanchez.
by haleyroxcox July 06, 2011
A Gary Sanchez, is a punishment given to a fat girlfriend. while wearing a cowboy hat and clear stilletos and watching your favorite episode of GEORGE LOPEZ, insist you have sex in the family room. Straddle her and begin to tear her nose up with your man parts then right as your about to let loose, move ur l'l man to her ear and bust a nut right into her ear drum
Big jeff: yeah, me and beatrice were watching George Lopez last night
Tiny:the one wear jason shoots roids?
Big Jeff:ya, its my favorite, and she had forgot to buy me some oreo doublestuffs today at i gave her the old Gary Sanchez
Tiny:What. A. BADASS!

angry whopper
by Big Balla 21666 July 14, 2009
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