slang for doing someone up the shitter or poo pipe (anal sex)
my missus loves it when i give it to her up the gary glitter.
by ron weasely April 11, 2006
King of glam rock, wore a wig, and got arrested for sending his PC for repair with hundreds of child pornography photos on the HDD.

"I DEEPLY regret DOING what I was sent to prison for"
Gary Glitter owns a house near a red light district in Thailand.
A fictional Glam Rock god portrayed by paedophile Paul Gadd.
"I am a fan of Gary Glitter, but if I ever met Paul Gadd I would have to jam a bowie knife into his junk and let him bleed to death on the sidewalk, on general principles."
by John Crawfish August 03, 2010
A name given to a certain person at reading festival 2008, when one sleeps with a girl who looks like shes 12, in the game of man points. After festival that person is referd to as Gary.
Ben: See that bird i pooned last night?
Pete: Yeh man, wasnt she about 12 tho?
Ben: Err.... No 16!
Pete: Looked like she was 12 Gary Glitter!
by Overell1338 September 17, 2008
legend in the eyes of paedophiles across the globe! vile man in my eyes i would sooner hit him in the nads with a meat tenderiser than say hi to him
"oh have u seen gary glitter?"
"yer hes havin his balls tenderised by a young welsh dude"
by niallthedragon October 03, 2008
ryhming slang for shitter
bez takes it up the gary glitter
by lukeboi December 07, 2006
Ex-glam rock star, framed by the British tabloids in Vietnam for alledged child abuse.
'Gary Glitter didn't do it, it's a conspiracy.'
by Nick140 June 22, 2006
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