rhym. slang

Shitter. Reference to either the arse-hole, or the komode
"Wheres Charles?", Elizabeth pondered out loud,"He's in the Gary Glitter taking Camilla up the Gary Glitter" replied Philip
by Garthy September 19, 2006
Top Definition
kiddie fidler who doesn't own a violin and isn't a child
that was nice of gary to babysit at such short notice
by gavin September 27, 2003
Former UK Glam Rock God but now a sad bald old pervert with a liking for little girls especially Asian ones ,Awaiting Trial in Vietnam.
Q:What does Gary Glitter and Kodak film have in common?
A:They Both Come in little yellow Boxes
by ayermaw February 24, 2006
a name once used as rhyming slang for arsehole (shitter) but now synonimous with kiddyfucking,or bairn buggering
you know youve just had dinner at 'gary glitter's house' when he starts passing round the 'under eights'
by scotsbuff November 25, 2003
possibly the worst name to have actuaally chosen then years later get sent to prison for child porn offences.
someoneone who manages to get chucked out of thailand.
fuck me mate! even gary wouldnt do that!
by matt devilstick September 28, 2003
1.Noun. Glam rock king of the 1970's and 80's. Had a big "gang", (enquire within if you wish to join) and confessed to loving a good "bang".
2. Noun. (Rhyming Slang) Arsehole - Gary Glitter = Shitter
"....and then she took the whole fuckin' lot right up the Gary. You could see the makers nameplate, I were so far up, let me tell you...."
by Niall Brady January 21, 2003
The glam-rock king who recorded "Rock n Roll pt. 2" but was later arrested for child pornography.
Da dum-da daaaa dadum HEY! dadum da dadadada x33214
by mooper August 07, 2003
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