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More often than not, used as a Noun: "to Gartch"; i.e. to moan, gripe, whinge, whine, or inanely ramble with blatant disregard for the public at large. Generally, if one uses the word "Gartch", one would be derogatorily speaking about an unpleasant humanoid that is "pissing you off" massively by talking "shite".

Please note: The noun form of gartch can easily be used as a present continuous verb, or a proper noun. QQQ.

Gartch. You know it.

Clerk 1: "What's this knob head GARTCHING on about?!!!!"

Clarky 2: "Dunno, mate. He's just being a proper GARTCHER."
by Ptuqfjyferzs November 23, 2012
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