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Amazing kid at anything he tries, usually has brown hair and is the perfect person, will never give up on anything he loves. Every girl wants a Garret.
Damn your boyfriend wont give up on you will he? he's being a garret, i like it :)
by TKAMB November 06, 2008
651 389
An absoulutly amazing guy who is crazy nice and respectful. Garret's tend to be tall and pretty hot ;). They have ah-mazing eyes and they're hilarious! They are loyal to their friends and tend to fall hard for their best girl friend. They can also be very protective of their best girl friend and when someone is mean to Her he will stand up for her. He is wicked athletic and is great at every sport he plays. Any girl would be lucky to have a garret.
Girl one: my boyfriends name is garret!

Girl two: give him to me now.
by As_long_as_he's_mine June 11, 2012
145 42
An extremely handsome guy that is good with the ladies until they get into bed and see his extremely small penis. Usually last in bed for 2-3 minutes and has a smelly gaping asshole that he wants all the ladies to finger.
Girl: Dude he looked so hot but when i got into the bed it was just terrible, he was a total garret.
by Jeffybboy December 07, 2013
14 37