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one of the best fuckin bands ever!
dude, did you get your garmonbozia LP?
by none April 25, 2005

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creamed corn hurt pain sadness sorrow
The word for "Pain and Sorrow" in the David Lynch film "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me". People's garmonbozia is collected and eaten by the demonic beings who inhabit the Black Lodge, and when they eat it, it visually resembles creamed corn.
The Man from Another Place : "Bob, I want all my Garmonbozia"
by Man From Another Place April 09, 2009
"pain and sorrow" used in twin peaks
by Thomas July 18, 2003
1. Pain and sorrows

2. Creamed Corn soup
"Bob, I want all my Garmonbozia"
by Mike August 23, 2004