Collective noun used to describe a group of gay men, derived from Judy Garland, a popular gay icon.
The techno music was coming from the Garland of gays gathered on the front stoop.

Our Garland was hopping from club to club 'til four in the morning!
by jridge84 July 02, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who's gonna knock down any impertinent fool who dares to cross swords with him.
I, Garland, will knock you all down!
by HardKnox July 09, 2009
The New Renaissance Guy. He masters everything people put him up to can do pretty much anything. Loved by girls (and guys) and stays neutral in all conflicts. Being around this guy brings you fourtune and sometimes fame. He also would have a weird love for christmas. He is good with his hands and listens well.
"Every time im with Garland good things happen" "I love how Garland resolved that conflict
by Pasa Doble March 26, 2009
City in the east of Dallas. Garland might not be rich but its chill. We got fine Latina chicks and real ass niggas that dont be actin a fool all the time. We might have crime and gangs but we always keep it together.
by JaCoreySS May 07, 2013
a funny mother fucker smokes alot of pot and always has the best bud and conversation just dont let him drink
that garland is wasted
by chigger funk August 05, 2010
Verb; To play Final Fantasy I and make joke commentary along the way. Named after the ridiculously easy first boss, Garland.
"Let's garland today after school!"

"I was garlanding yesterday."
by themiranguians December 26, 2011
do not give a Garland a beer he turns into a wreck that will not stop touching you, kicking you or pinching you. and do not allow on the beach its not a pretty sight
oh no Garlands had to much beer
by dobbie11 June 06, 2011
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