(N.) A Funny (not in the humorous sense, but funny nonetheless) Comic Strip and early 90's CBS cartoon, but a horrible, atrocious live action movie set for a Spring 2004.
I'm no psychic, but I predict that the Garfield live-action movie will be 2004's "Hulk."
by G-Union November 06, 2003
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1) 20th President of the United States. Was killed early into his term by Charles Giteau, whom Garfield had previously denied a job.

2) Comic book strip written by Jim Davis. The main character of the book is a large cat named Garfield, who is lazy and loves to eat.
1) Garfield was one of the seven Presidents born in Ohio.

2) Garfield smacked the spider with a newspaper.
by Rodney Basil June 05, 2004
The coolest cartoon cat to date. Garfield was created by Jim Davis and highly succesful.

Garfield is well known for eating entirely too much, sleeping his little life away, and kicking his dog friend Odie off the table.

Extremely amusing for all generations.
The people who hate garfield are jealous because he is funnier than their own shitty comics.

Garfield will eat you.
by theplainjane April 29, 2005
1. A fairly generic comic strip that has seen better days.

2. One weird-ass President that I know nothing about
1. His weight used to be the defining characteristic about him. Now Garfield's not even that fat anymore. His head's as big as his body. Wtf?

2. Behold, I don't know who President Garfield is.
by rastablowtorch August 23, 2005
Possibly one of the best-loved comic strips in history (other than Peanuts), Garfield currently appears in thousands of newspapers worldwide. It chronicles the antics and not-so-antics of Garfield, a lazy, cynical cat that hates Mondays. A movie based on the comic strips was released in June 2004.
"I hate Mondays."-Garfield the cat
by dpo June 21, 2004

1. To stuff or launch items into your mouth (mainly food) to the extreme in the same way the comic strip character, Garfield, manuveres lasagna into his mouth.

This is including but not limited to cupping your hands and scooping food items from their origin into your mouth with the purpose of consuming.

Reasons for this action involve your hunger being so great you have no time to search for eating utensils and/or clear and present male barbarianism has driven you to these extents.
"Hey eat this whole pie right now, dude, just Garfield that shit!"
by Naaadz December 04, 2005
1. Another name for a red heads vagina
2. A cartoon about a cat
1. Man last night i slept with this red head, she had the hairiest garfield ever

2. I like cartoons hehe
by Shmoy May 04, 2006
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