Town on Long Island with A LOT of stuck up annoying white people. Every1 there thinks they are a god mainly cuz they have money and get what ever they want. The people of this town act like they have never seen minorities before and tend to panic when one gets close to them. A minority lasting more than 5 minutes in this town without having the cops on his or her ass is unheard of. The black population of Garden City High School was about two people, and 1 graduated and left, so now its down to one person. Kids of this town have 3 hobbies: watching shitty white shows such as Gossip Girls, drinking themselves into comas cuz they have nothing better to do on weekends, and wasting money on expensive shit like starbucks, $1000 pairs of jeans from abercrombie, and cars they'll end up crashing at a party over the weekend. It is hard to engage in a conversation with someone from this town without hearing "like" about 30 times before a sentence finishes. The women of this town are pretty stupid and don't make much sense when they talk. The guys of this town are gay and enjoy calling each other "bro" and getting touchy to show affection towards one another. To sum it up, Garden City is a terrible town for anyone who isn't white and who doesn't enjoy being chased by about 10 cop cars. Although the inhabitants of Garden City are snobby and impossible to deal with, there is one cool kid from that town named Ed.
Yo ma nigga, i went to Garden City this weekend with this kid named Ed for a party. The house the party was at was HUGE ma nigga! I stole like $1000 there and ain't no1 even care! The chicks there were fine as hell but dumb as shit. Tell me why these honkys were all piss drunk by 8. Some dumbass crashed his new benz into the side of this kids house and when the cops came, my black ass was the only one runnin. Next time ma nigga Ed invite me out there, i gotta spray paint myself white or some shit.
#honky #crackers #white #snobby #garden #rich
by disnukkaphil January 14, 2009
A small town in tucked in the corner of Southwest Kansas. Filled with Mexicans that have terrible dental health and style.

Terrible place to raise your kids, unless you want your daughter to get pregnant at 11 (it happens...all the time). Drugs, sex and rock & roll would be their motto, but people mostly like rap music there.

It smells like cow poop. Everywhere. When it rains, you smell it. When the rain dries, you smell it. When it's windy, there's a blanket of poop-smog that is similar to fog itself.

A literal s**t town.
"Yo, I went to Garden City the other day and I swear it's so shitty, it SMELLS like cow poop!"
#garden city #kansas #cows #gcks #gc
by saygirlheyy May 20, 2009
Garden City is a town in Western Long Island filled with preps that think they are black. the average high schools kid ipod(and yes, everyone has an exceptions)is filled with 50 cent, kanye west, and usually some form of gangsta rap. the kids are incredibly rich and annoying with exceptions. there are some really cool and down to earth normal kids in the town who have been RAISED RIGHT. the main problem in this town is that parents dont raise their kids right. parents let their kids stay out all night when they are 13 years old, and then dont discipline them when they come home drunk and high. However, there are kids in this godforsaken town who are genuine people who are actually going somewhere on their own , not just because of their last name or inheritance. But these are few exceptions because the entire town is filled with two-faced, snobby, annoying kids. And another thing that pisses me off, everyone says that gc is a Roman-Catholic town which is true but probably less than 15 percent of this town actually observes their faith on days other than Christmas and Easter. The point of this tirade is, gc is filled with snobs for kids, and adults who are not good people. But there are exceptions so just open your eyes.
gc child: (to mother) mommy, why is that man mowing his own lawn? Is he poor?

gc mother: He probably is and shouldnt be living in Garden City.
#rich kids #bad parents #garden city #gc bubble #trojans #snobs
by embarassed gc kid March 22, 2008
A place in kansas that everyone knows is the "hey lets have sex, and make constant babies!" second highest teen pregnancy population, and you guessed it! the sluttiest town in america.
man- Hey babe, wanna go to garden city?
women-oh my not more sex!
#garden #city #kansas #town #gck
by StephanieK(nonprego) May 22, 2009
Extremely wealthy town located on Long Island. The town is quite safe and beautiful, the people living there, however, are the most stuck-up human beings you can possibly imagine. Don't get me wrong, not the entire population of Garden City is like that. There are actually some awesome people who live there,but they are often referred to as 'loners', 'goths' or 'losers.' It's almost impossible to take a walk in Garden City and not come across a rich daddy's girl driving a brand new BMW carrying a Gucci or Coach handbag and sporting a pair of Christian Dior shades. The most popular trends in this town are preppy clothes such as Abercrombie or Ralph Lauren.
These rich teengers totally do not deserve all the wealth they posess because they do nothing but waste their parent's hard-earned money; they were merely lucky to be born into wealthy families, or families that appear to be rich. Few people in this town are actually as rich as they seem. They can afford those expensive luxuries only because their parents take out huge loans from the bank and are in gigantic debts hidden by a wealthy image.
Yes, many of these teenagers do get into Ivy League schools. But why? Because of their parents financial connections. There are people who work hard in school, but they are stereotyped as 'geeks' or 'nerds.'
The Garden City team happens to be named: you guessed it, the Trojans. Could it be more appropriate? It's no secret the kids there are, or desperately want to be sexually active. (For those of you unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, Trojan is also a brand of condoms.) The town is filled with sluts, whores, and guys who want to get into someone's pants, after all, it's almost what teens talk about all day long. Surprised?
The most popular sport in Garden City is lacrosse. The garden city teens claim to be insanely good at this sport, and think they can get into a great college, grow up to be professional athletes, when in reality they're nothing but mediocre.
When these lazy, free-loading teens grow up to be adults, they will probably either be living off the inheritance their parents left them or take over their parent's businesses and hire someone else to do the work while they sit around collecting the profit made from these businesses.
The bottom line is this: Garden City is a beautiful town, but they people living in it suck. I HATE THE PEOPLE THERE. Garden City is only a good place to raise your kisd if you want them to become useless free-loaders.
GC girl #1: O.M.G. My daddy is such a dick!
GC girl #2: What did he do?
GC girl #1: He got me a jaguar when I wanted a pink buggy! What a jerk!
GC girl #2: How could he do that?! That is so mean!
GC girl #1: I know! I never get ANYTHING I want!
GC girl #2: I know what you should do! Drive every car he gets you into a tree until he gets you the one you want!
GC girl #1: Great idea!
Normal Girl: Where are you girls from anyway?
Both GC Girls: Garden City
Normal Girl: Oh........That explains alot.
#snob #bitch #long island #stuck-up #skanks
by girl123 June 17, 2007
An Incorporated Village located in Nassau County in Long Island, New York.

To describe the town's personality and that of it's residents, the following should be mentioned:

White, Roman Catholic, Conservative, Money, Six Figure Income, Natty's, Money, Golf Course, $500,000 Turf Field, Ignorant, Bubble, Soccer, Conceit, Irish, Money, Spoiled, Lavish, Italian, Lexus, Arrogant, Money, Extravagant, Sump, Money, Ivy League, Lax, Disrespectful, Racist, Greed, Sketchy & Money.

It is also important to mention some of the things that are not associated with Garden City:

Black, Grateful, Humble, Integration, Sober, Thrifty, Black, Moral Values, Hispanic, Minorities, Poor, Tight Budget, Black, Hard Working & Benevolent Police Officers, Secular, Non-Catholic, Unique, Asian, Generosity, Black, Not White, & Black.
Non-GC Resident: I heard that Garden City is 94% White. What's the other 6%?

GC Resident: Slaves.

#garden #city #nassau #county #long #island #new #york
by Ruinity December 17, 2008
Garden City, typical stuck up people.
Dont care about you, or anyone else besides themselves.
Think their towns better when clearly Floral Park could rock their jaw anytime anywhere.
Floral Parkian 1: Ew look at those stuck up people over there.
Floral Parkian 2: Yeah, their most likely from garden city.
#bitches #all talk #garden #city #ew
by Luchina September 02, 2007
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