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A mid-upper class town in Eastern Long Island, famous for it's rich Roman Catholic Republican population and homogenous culture. If you see a man of color wandering the streets, you'll be sure to see a man in blue not far behind. The high school culture revolves around both the finest preppy styles (Lilly Pulitzer, Abercrombie etc.)lacrosse and football, with inordinate amounts of funds being provided for such luxuries as a turf football field while the school roofs continue to leak. If you dare to brave the mean streets of Garden City, you will see many a BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. Don't worry if you crash it drunk driving. Daddy will replace it. Be sure to check out one of the local parties, often complete with multiple kegs. Don't worry though. With all these parties students still find their way into Ivy level schools with a little help of their trusty pigskin or lacrosse stick.
Man, remember how hard we threw down in Garden City last weekend? I don't.
by Johnny O. owns Hank September 01, 2005
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An upper middle class town located in the center of Nassau County, Long Island and known for its, Conservative, Roman-Catholic population. Students at GCHS are known for their work-hard, party-harder mentality, with many getting good grades, being sick at some sport, and then throwing down hard on the weekends. Many sport the preppy look, however their is a growing minority of skaters, goths, and emo kids who stick with each other, but generally everyone gets along pretty nicely. Some live in multi-million dollar plus homes (such as those on the Garden City Golf Club (snob hill), Stewart Avenue, and some in the Estates and Mott) but most live in normal sized 500,000 to million dollar homes on the East Side near Country Life, in the Esates, or in the mott.) Many of the adults are wall street traders, brokers, lawyers, business owners, or doctors. Kids tend to throw down either at a house party or in random outdoor locations. The smart kids and great athletes of gchs tend to end up at Ivy League or similar institutions (Georgetown, Boston College, Notre Dame, NYU, UVA, Lehigh, Bucknell, Loyola, Trinity, Colby, Bowdoin, Haverford, etc.) Other popular choices include Villanova, Fairfield University, and Fordham University. Some at GCHS are stuck up and can be mean but most tend to be pretty laid back and chill. The language of Garden City includes words such as 'shwag' and 'sketchy.' Most athletic recruits are from lax or field hockey, which produce many state championships for the school. Many go on to have jobs similar to their parents, such as Wall Street Jobs and law jobs, but some may deviate from the norm. Overall, GC residents agree that it is a good place to grow up and live.
GC KID: Dude Friday at O'McCallagans was so shwag, i dont remember what happened but I think i hooked up with that sketch field hockey chick and i woke up on McShannahans front lawnn with no clothes and McDooligans longstick.

NON GC KID: That kid's so dumb, how is he going to Princeton.
Kid # 2: Because hes from Garden City.

by MacMillan January 08, 2006
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Really rich town in Long Island, NY. Very preppy and all of the kids there are freakishly good at lax.
He's from Garden City, so he's hot and good at lax
by GClax March 28, 2005
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Garden City is a simply a rich town. It is located in Central Nassau County on Long Island. As soon as you enter the town, you will know it. You will suddenly see Multi-Million dollar estates with several German Luxury Sedans Parked In The Driveways.

The kids who live in Garden City are extremely stuck up and think that they are better than everyone because their Dad is CEO of some fortune 500 company or plays golf with Donald Trump. The kids are very preppy. The least affluent Garden City kids teens Abercrombie and Fitch. Many Garden City teens wear Polo, Lacoste, and Burberry. The girls wear Juicy Couture and only carry handbags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi.

It is extremely common practice for a Garden City HS teen, upon getting his/her license, to be given a Luxury SUV such as BMW or Mercedes. (I guess, they are more Like "Luxury Activity Vehicles") I go to GCHS, and one of my friends recently recieved a Range Rover Sport Supercharged (its like $80,000) and another recieved a new 5series BMW ($50,000) , another a Mercedes ML500 ($55,000). (I am recieving my dad's BMW X5)($58,000) Dont worry, if you crash your German Luxury Car, your dad WILL buy you another.

Garden City HS teens are also extremely good at sports, particulary lacrosse. Manhasset is the Garden City rival.

There is no diversity in Garden City. In Garden City High School, there are approximately 1200 students. Of those 1196 of them are white. The few black kids are excluded.

GCHS Teens tend to get into exceptional colleges, many Ivy League. (mostly because of dad's influence or financial contributions to the school) GCHS teens also party hard on the weekends and do stupid stuff, but money will always bail us out.
Garden City Girl # 1says:
"Saturday night i crashed my new BMW convertible into a tree.....I was totally wasted."

Other Garden City Girl # 2 Says:
"O M G ....Your dad will get you another car right?"

# 1 says:
"Yeah totally" "i told him this time i want a Maserati convertible" "A BMW makes me look poor"

by K333 May 16, 2006
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Garden City is a WESTERN Long Island town, as opposed to some posts defining it as an Eastern Long Island town: it is located a mere 15 minutes east of Queens, NY. GCHS is comprised of the spoiled teens who have always gotten what they've asked for, the jocks (guys or girls), the Masquer theater kids, the loners, skaters, goths, and geeks - but for the most part, their good upbringing has taught them to be polite and respectful. One won't have to go far in Garden City without spotting a Mercedes, as Long Island has the top-selling Mercedes dealership in the country. An unusually high percentage of graduating GC seniors progress into college, most often into Ivy leagues, whether it's because of sports or because of how hard they've studied. The village of Garden City is very safe, clean, and beautiful. The average house is now selling for about $1 million, as a house nearby just sold for that in the mott section and it is a relatively small house. Most people don't realize how lucky they are to live here until they leave.
Non-GC Friend: Wow, is that your car?
GC resident: Yeah.... so?
Non-GC Friend: Where are you from again?!
GC resident: Garden City....
Non-GC Friend: Ohhhh... that explains it.
by Katie Pxxxx March 10, 2006
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One of the richest places in the usa. Home of kid with skills of lax and football. There are very few black or democratic people. Most have multi million dollar homes in all parts of town. Some of the nicest polietest people live in this town. They do well in school and party on the weekends. I sure wish i lived in Garden City.
due i wish i lived in Garden City
by john Smithhhhhh November 25, 2011
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A very rich town on Long Island. Very rarely will you see anyone of a darker color walking the streets. The schools are so high class and all the kids are super rich. The kids where clothing like Lilly Pultizer and Raplh Lauren. They all live in big houses and drive amazing cars. They also party HARD
dude 1: Did u go to that party in garden city yetserday
dude 2: yeah i got so wasted
by GCLOVER1188 March 20, 2013
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