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Girls attempts at banter.

The banter scale goes as follows:

Ganter - Substandard, ill informed, attempted banter. Usually produced by girls.

Banter - anything amusing

Manter - extremely amusing banter. Only created by men.
Girl: "Oh god I just don't know whether to have the chocolate chip or cookie dough???"

Other Girl: "Why don't you just have both!

Girl: "Oh my god! You are so bad! ha ha ha"

Boy: "Your ganter is shite. Which is an oxymoron I guess."
by Bantoid July 11, 2008
(noun) A hipster strut. Usually in step to a song that you've probably never heard of.

(verb) To strut like a hipster
That guy with the beard has such a ganter going right now, he might spill his PBR.

Did you see that girl in the plaid ganter out of that family-owned coffee shop?
by Hondss December 23, 2011
A wide range of familys loctaed in germany that made a sick ass beer called ganter bier also my last name
pass me a pinte of ganter frank
by TexasRanger October 23, 2006
An ostrich wearing fishnet stockings.
Oh, how I dream of being a ganter and running free on the savanna.
by Nadnerb October 26, 2005
some one whos like tryin to be cool and showin off infrotn of ppl
luke your a ganter like sitten in the gabage is aa cry 4 a ttention
by Jose malino May 03, 2005
To stare at, Look at and examine a male/female when out with your mates. Possible places for a bit of Ganter, out clubbing, on holidays, at concerts, Lapdancing clubs, etc..,
Take a ganter at the banter!
The ganter was going all bleedin night.
You've got to ganter to scor.
by Cian Mac Slinneadoir October 11, 2005
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