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One who exploits and underhanded tactics to win a battle to make up for their lack of school.
I would have won if that filthy ganker hadn't backstabbed me while I was AFK.
by Ack Desairis, Philosopher May 08, 2003
Ganker: (gayn-kur) noun: A person who is too bad at Dark Souls to ever win a fair fight, and decides to use cheap tactics like 3v1ing and TWoP to get a few bull shit wins so he can feel good about himself.
Wow, I invaded a guys world in dark souls, and he had his two friends gang up on me. What a ganker.
by DarkSoulz September 02, 2012
WoW term. Too stupid to enter a battleground, while also being too idiotic to do something constructive or useful with his/her game time/life, so they are often sighted grouping up and attacking lower level players from behind while they fight something else or recover from a fight.
Damn gankers, camping at Nesignwary's and killing everyone on sight.
by farlover September 20, 2007
a huge Loogie that is stuck in the back of your throat.
"i got a ganker in the back of my throat waiting to come up"

"that kid just spit a nasty ganker"
by I Hate Chunky Yogurt. April 07, 2009
a Fat line of coke
cut me a ganker
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
Someone who doesn't do what they say they will do. Someone who doesn't do what you want them to do.
My friend didn't show up at the movies, what a ganker!
by twiprogrammer May 31, 2005
ganker. (n). Referring to ones brown eye. More specifically, the ganker is the actual sphincter of the anus. Used to speak directly of the ganker.
After eating 25 three-mile-island hot wings at Hooters my ganker was sore the next morning.

Her ganker was sore the next morning after I Donkey Punched her.
by capngrumpy December 06, 2005

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