An extremely stupid trend. Mainly, A person who believs they are "Gangster" because they wear white or black shirts that are 10 sizes too big and pants that hang on their knees. They listen to lil' wayne and think that they are "Bad ass" because they do drugs and graffiti buildings. Though, they are unaware of the fact that the real gangsters are the ones who lived a long time ago and actually went to prison for crime and actually being in a REAL gang that shot people. They only like other wanna-be gangsters and if your not a "gangster" too then they'll call you names. They often think their better then everybody else but their actually all just wannabes.

Trend- Guys:
-Bandana; either hanging from inside the back pocket or around the forehead.
-A hat; either sideways or backwards.
-A shirt that could fit their obese grandfather.
-Huge, baggy pants that sit under their butt and they have to hold their pants when they walk to keep them from falling down.
-Shoes that are 5 sizes too big.
-A fake diamond in one of their ears

-Shirts that they wore in kindergarden, showing off their stomach and belly ring.
-"Talk like dis, and calls all dem girls' hoes."
-Pants that are too small and leave their crack hanging out.
Wannabe-Gangster: "Ay, look at that guy over there with a lip piercing, let's go call him gothic 'cause we be straight up thugs"
Regular Person: "Dude you're a fag, go do something decent with your life.
by Plying purple people eater February 25, 2009
A gangster is a stupid faggot who thinks he is cool and dresses like a pimp, but the only thing he is, is a broke ass nigger
GangsterWannabe: whuts up douggghh wana more shit ?
Client: you fucking moron you sold me fucking backing soda last time im going to fucking kill you!!!(takes out a gun)
GangsterWannabe:(runs like turkey in thanks giving day)
by Mano a Mano March 14, 2007
A civilised mamber of society whom is involved with organised crime. They have strong self and family values, who will protect those close to them, and get ahead by commiting any necessary act. They DO NOT wear clothes that are 10 times too big for them. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH A THUG, GANGSTA OR ANY OTHER SCUMBAG OF SOCIETY. real gangsters are few nowdays, however the increase of 'bad-ass' gangsters haha who walk with a limp and slur when they talk is on the increase.
Al Capone, Gambino Family, Moran Family, Even Tony Sporano is a good example of how a real gangster behaves.
by RichieM October 20, 2006
A violent career criminal.

A gangster is usually a member of a group who is formed predominantly for engaging in crime as a means to easy profit.

Often represented in popular media as respectful "men of honour" who engage in crime due to societal forces such as poverty. They are confusingly seen as people who live powerful, interesting lives when the opposite is often true.

Contrary to popular belief, gangsters do not live in a world like that represented in popular media. Gangsters live in a paranoid, ultra-violent world that is devoid of humanity. They bash, rob and murder other people in the name of profit.

Gangsters are generally the worst type of criminal as they have chosen crime as a career. This makes any attempt at rehabilitation by the penal system usually a lost cause.

They are typically un-educated, lacking in intellect, and use violence to solve all problems. The race of the gangster is typically a non-issue. Ie, Italian gangsters are not much different from Russian or African gangsters. As they are all of similair upbringings they tend to have the same lack of intellect and impulsive personalities of most criminals.

As gangsters are members of large groups, they can be difficult to prosecute. Witnesses are often intimidated or killed. In addition gangsters may intimidate prison guards, and infiltrate labour unions and other areas of lawful society. People are too scared to do anything about the gangsters for fear of being killed.

Examples of crime engaged in by gangsters:

- Loan Sharking ("Shylocking"). This is where money is lent at exorbitant compound interest rates. Eg a "10 points" loan would be 10% interest compounded weekly ;

- Commercial armed robbery. This is where truck and aeroplane cargo is stolen through sophisticated planning;

- Drug trafficking. Gangsters typically produce the drugs and sell them to low-level "street" drug dealers, which reduces their risk and increases their profit.

- Protection rackets. This is where the gangsters destroy premises and assault workers of illegal industries such as drug dealers, brothel owners and illegal casinos. The owners must pay the gangsters money or risk more violence; as the owners are engaged in illegal activity they cannot go to the police for help. The gangsters then protect the store from themselves and competing gangsters.

- Murder. This is the gangster's "tool of the trade". It is used to solve problems such as outstanding debts, competing gangsters, witnesses to crimes, and to remove members of the gang for various reasons.

Gangsters typically either die young, are incarcerated for long periods of time, or turn state's evidence and testify against their fellow gang members in return for re-location and immunity.
New York Mafia (Gambino Crime Family; John Gotti; Bugsy Siegel), Bloods/Crips, Hell's Angels (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs)

The Police found two bodies buried under an abandoned Brooklyn parking lot. The deceased allegedly owed large amounts of money to Bronx gangsters as part of a strip-joint shakedown scam.

The bona-fide gangster, accused of murder and labor racketeering, refused to testify at his trial.
by mullet56 June 02, 2006
A person who belongs to a group of people designated for one purpose, often profit via crimes, such as, but not limited to, blackmail, drug dealing, prostitution and racketeering. The first and most successful gangsters were the Italian mob(Mafia). For black/latino gangster, see gangsta.
I live in New York, my town is very much Mafia run. The Italian gangsters will leave you alone so long as you do not interfere with their business. If you do, you will very likely end up dead at the bottom of a lake.
by Mahopacpride February 06, 2009
People who kill, rob and threaten others. Gangs can be big ass and rich like the mafia, but they can also be small and/or poor. Most (american) gangs are founded in California by people who didn't have enough money for a good education or didn't manage to get good jobs even with an education(the educated ones can mostly manage more in a gang than a not educated person).

Gangs usually are used by fakers to act tough like 50 cent(the biggest snitch of all times) The Game(one biggass weirdo) Snoop Dogg(a former gangster who claims to be a crip while he is wearing red, yellow, green and colors used by rival gangs)

Gangs are one of the reasons urban dictionary excists cause people do everything, even risking there live, to find out what them gangsters are saying and alotta slang is born that way.
gangster: Yo c wazz da happz you tappin that shit?
Person: Uhmmm...

5 weeks later.

Person: Were you sayin i had to have sexual intercorse with a poopy?
gangster: What's wrong with you doug?!?!?!

Gangsters do their thang.
by 187Crip July 18, 2006
people beyond retarded that do drugs, smoke weed, rob stores, talk like the retards they are, too scared to fight by themselves, so they get their "homies" to fight with them, and then they think they're all that.
Gangster:*grabs little boys PSP*

Little Boy:*cries* YOU BIG DOO DOO HEAD!!!

Gangster:Hell naw! Ima get my homies and jump yo ass!
by Axeldude April 07, 2007

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