A gang member, or gang related
"Yeah he a gangster, he just joined the crips"
by THA ONE N ONLY December 25, 2007
Gangsters are the group of people under the name of bein a gang, which because they commit crime, violence etc.
you are all wannabes, even if you are a gangster doesnt mean you are so dumb to use even a simple computer. doesnt mean you should be on killin people, crimes etc. all gangsters who read your writing here are laughin at you. trust me.
by lil ching goy May 10, 2006
An adjective describing how "gang related" a person is. Otherwise used as a way to say, holy crap, that's awesome.
I love your face. It's gangster!
by *Kate Teh Gangster April 13, 2006
OK!! To all the dumb ass people who post on this forum, wrote that false meaning of "Gangster" and don't know what the hell they are talking about. A gangster is anyone, no matter what race or nationality, who can control an organization with complete force and power with crime and murder while generating mass profit in the process.

Meaning Italians were not the first gangsters. The white men that took the land from the indians and called it "The United States" were the first gangsters.

The white men that run the United States are the real gangsters because they run the United States(an organization) with power, force, murder and crime (CIA, FEDS, ATF, and your local police departmant) while generating a profit (making yo dumb ass pay taxes that increase every year on everything you think you own).

There's a gangster in every race but us blacks make the shit look good Bitches!!!
These were real gangsters of different races. Ellsworth "bumpy" Johnson (Black), Dutch Schultz(German/Jewish), Al Capone(Italian), Frank Lucas (Black), Lucky Luciano (Italian), Bugsy Sigel (Jewish). So don't believe that italian mobs are the image of gangster.
by Lucas B October 28, 2007
Gangster is usualy a Black person Raised up in the ghetto beaten up wen they were young not proud of their life grow up in the streets and make up a gang and shoot people this goes for whites too it doesnt matter what skin color you are it just matters what you have been through and what your beliefs are
"a few white boys and blacks who dont give a fuck of the skin color or how the fuck they act THATS TRUE GANGSTERS"
by DDtrice September 20, 2008
True gangsters and gangbabngers are not that different. Gangsters of organized crime (check your spelling for some of you spelling organized you sound very retarded and very ungangster) are true real gangsters but they are not just limited to Italians. They also included the Black Gangsters from Harlem like Bumpy and Sam. Irish gangsters from Chicago's Northside and New York's Hell's Kithchen. You even had Spanish Gangsters. Plus the mafia started out as street hoods in street gangs like five points gang So for you moron's to only credit Italians as being gangsters do more research. Gangbangers depending on the gang and the pedigree yeah they could be gangsters too. The mafia toted guns and sold drugs so does the gangs that are currently runnin the block now. They both rose from poverty stricken areas of whatever city. What's not gangster is you cats wether white, black, hispanic or asian that are not from the hood, off the block, or trailer park or slum whatever the case maybe that want to potray yourselves as gangsters. Two white kids from privilged families who never seen a project in they life tried to rob my partner over some weed and they got smashed. If thye would have stuck to they role and just got high like they been doing he wouldn't be facing doulble murder and we would be parlaying. You wack motherfuckers from the suburbs get no love from me and if you try banging and try being gangsters you only selling yourself short. As much of an oxymoron as it is we are killing ourselves and selling dope to get the fuck out the hood while you dumb asses are degressing to make it to where we are. It is not aLL GOOD IN THE HOOD AND FOR YOU IGNORANT DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS wether rich or poor you need to quit sayin and thinking that shit. And for you crackers dissin blacks and spanish people on here tryin sound and talk like we talk stop it. Your making yourself look like an asshole. We don't even talk like that. With the Yo's and shiznits shiznit went out in '91. Don't be an asshole ya whole life and to my real gangsters from da block (white, black, spanish, and asian) stay up get your money and get legit if your going to do it do it right. Uno!
Harlem Numbers Racket, Five Points Gang, Triad, Cartel, Oakland mafia all are different factions belonging to gangsters and gangster groups.
by Veeno June 20, 2006
Thug ass motherfuckers who like to kill nukkas.
Thug ass motherfuckers who like to kill nukkas!
by Dane March 29, 2005

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