someone part of an organized crime family. any race can be a gangster. to the guy saying there were no black gangster's,turn to BET at 10:00 on wednesdays and you'll see some. frank lucas is one example.
the new move 'american gangster' portrays the life of african american gangster frank lucas.
by cowboybebopfan November 04, 2007
cool, awesome. An expression of approval
Dude, that board is totally gangster!

by Cdog_01 February 22, 2009
basically... its all what alhadia said (read the second definition)

just want to add more here what those wannabe gangsters are...

*gangsters dont have myspaces... (what the fuck would a gangster be doing on a myspace??!!)

*gangsters dont kill others because of the color they wear (goddamn.. get a life)

*speaking of myspaces, gangsters dont pucker their lips (stop doing that to try & look all sexy), gangsters dont dog the camera (stop trying to be all hard! seriously!)

*gangsters have had a hard life, they join a gang because of either their family died, or their family just doesnt love them anymore because the homies will be the only family who will take care of them, support them, have their back, and love.

*if gangsters are considered "ghetto" then why the hell are they showing off all the money?
gangster: "ey homie join our gang, we'll be your family"

wangster: "I love my mom yo! she gave me all this money! ahah! ima use it on a car to show off dem other gangstas and ho's. after that, ima get jumped in a gang so i can have more friends and have sex with ho's 'cause they're easier than the hard-to-get girls, and ima carry a gun to look cool!"

by deefrom619 April 04, 2006
a gangster is someone who walks round the streets with guns and knives and they stab old ladys.
seb doesnt do any of these things so HE IS NOT A GANGSTER!!
old lady)- hello nice young man
gangster)- PISS OFF---stab stab
seb)- wow i wish i was like you and could stab old ladys but i cant because im not a gangster!!!
by treeza February 04, 2009
alright their are a bunch of different types of gangsters.
1) Mobsters: Useally Italian, Russian, or Asian who are some of the most organized criminals in the world.
2) Gangsta: People useally of a minorty that live in poor parts of citys (gehto) and particepate in group crimes useally to make money or a feeling of belonging.
3)Holgans: useally caucasian who travel in groups on base of belife or ethnicty(Irish, Polish, English, sport fans) who commit useally lesser crimes.
4)Terriost: A group that commits crimes to terrorize.
5)Gorrila armys:A larege group of people who fight for their belifesin hit and run tacts useing thier knoledge of the land , useally govermental or religious, and are useally some of the most organised "criminals" in the world. (example;Irish Republic Army)
please see the definition above for examples of gangster.
A gangster is one of 5 things.
by Daaaaaaaannnnnmmmmmmshawty October 09, 2007
A particular person, or group of people who participate in illegal activities, but usually get away with it. Previous descriptions said black people cant be gangsters. They can be, but not the baggy pants bastards that carry a .40, only a respectable African American can be a gangster(one that wears a suit to a meeting, not baggy pants) Asians are the original gangsters, but they are very secretive. If you are smart enough to find them, you will either be killed or you join.

Gangster Hit- Taking the money for a hit, paying off the cops, and investigators, and meeting with the target, and doing "business"
by Culio Rodriguez December 23, 2006
There are five types of "gangsters."

1 - The wannabes. This is a group of white or black kids who, although have never committed a felony, call themselves "gangsters," "Homie G's," or other wasteful nicknames. They call themselves gangsters because they listen to rap, sag, talk in slang, and cuss. This group is found mostly in Junior High, but unintelligent elementary school kids may also be these kinds of gangsters.

The hilarious thing about this group of “gangsters” is that they speak so seriously, but they don’t realize they look like complete morons.

2 - The Mini-Mafia. This group, high enough to be called an actual gang, consists of High-Schoolers who may do criminal acts such as vandalism, underage sex, drinking (or other forms of alcohol) and/or occasional murders. These people are generally uneducated morons, yet they are still hazardous.

3 - The Mafia. This group is consisting of thugs who will willingly identify a man, track him down, and kill him for money. Generally, they are white businessmen (or not, depending on your definition of “businessmen”) They are very organized and are often associated with cocaine and other drugs. They are, however, usually civilized enough not to talk in slang tongues.

4 - The Upper-Class. This group consists of adults who, formerly or imaginably, used to be poor men struggling for survival, forced to live on the streets. As a result of writing rap songs out of their experiences, they gain money, fame, and like every celebrity, hatred.

5 – The Real Deal. This consists of people who were born and raised on the streets. Instead of nobly living a homeless life in a shelter or acting as a typical hobo, they choose to commit crimes to get money (most of which end up being used for drugs and alcohol). Life near The Real Deal is a large risk.
1 - George: "Yo, Gordon, what's up me Homie Black?"
Gordon: "Nothing much, fucka. I've just been hangn' in the hood"
George: "Shut yo' mouth, foo'. The gangster life just don't tolerate shit like that."

2 - George: "Yo, Gordon, what'd yo' do to dat punk who bumped yo' in the hallz?"
Gordon: "I just left a sample of hell on his backporch."
George: "Fire settles everything, me nigga. By the way, Yolanda is pregnant..."

3 - George: "Gordon, sit down. A man by the name of Tom Cruise has mocked our headquarters. I want you to take him out."
Gordon: "I have no motivation."
George: "I will offer $5,000 if you can get him dead tonight."
Gordon: "Where'd I put my gun?"

4 - "I started out at 15
Scared as hell
I took 30 off a pack
And i made them sales
As a youth man i used to hustle for loot
With that little deuce deuce
And my triple fat goose
Sippin' easy jesus
Rockin' the leases
But mama whipped me when she found my pieces
I look back on life and think thank god im blessed
We the best on the planet so forget the rest" - Tony Yayo

5 – George: Damn bitch ran into me, so I gunned down dat mutha fucka.
Gordon: Did you get his wallet?
George: I already bought the crack.
by Fra22 May 08, 2006

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