A Online Wrestling superstar who acts and sounds like a complete and utter cunt.
Hey Gangster you fake ass bitch
by Online Wrestling August 14, 2011
Here is three things that explain a Gangster

Here is 4 things that describe A gangster
1.He is all about His Money

2.A gangster does not do jail or prison but is not a snitch.

3.A gangster don't take no shit

4.a gangster is like a ghost most gangsters are not seen but there watching , but it should not be confused with the word thug a thug is a person who goes around shooting shit up for no reason.A real gangster is not on the streets saggin all the time he is in a suit and is a business man making real money.
Yo that Nigga g running shit out here but nobody ever see him but he getting all the paper and police can't never get to him but yo say his name and u mean murder watch yo self yo that nigga gangster it's like every time somebody talk down on him they wind up dead.
by outie 4000 September 09, 2010
Anybody, no matter the origins, no matter the background, who is engaged in criminal activities with an organised group of people (no matter who they are). Legally, in Canada, doing crimes with five of your buddies could end up with gangsterism accusations.
Al Capone was a gangster. But anybody that sells drugs, rob stores, commit murder... in an organised group is a gangster too.
by What? I need a name? January 22, 2007
member of a organized crime family. refers mainly to mafioso and mobsters, the kind of guys that wear suits and if you ever ran your mouth theyd put a hole through your forehead. examples are scarface, al capone, bugsy moran, the purple gang (dont let their name fool you, they were powerful enough to keep al capone out of detroit, they sold smuggled booze 2 him), jon gotti. these were some of the most fearsome criminals in american history. gangster is not to be confused with the retards who call themselves gangstas. gangsters can be any colour, white, black, latino, asian etc. there is no racial boundary
"gangstas" such as Community Resources for an Independant People, or the crips, and Blood Love Overcomes Our Depressions, or the Bloods.
by unanimous February 17, 2005
1. A person who thinks they are too cool for everything.
2. A person who is too cool for everything.
3. An adjective describing some douschebag who thinks that they run the shit but they don't.
woah, man that move was totally gangster!
by fliplife123 July 30, 2011
The 2008 Specialized Langster "Chicago" bicycle.
Dude, my Gangster is sweeeeeet! I love singlespeed riding in the city!
by Lianas December 21, 2008
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