There are five types of "gangsters."

1 - The wannabes. This is a group of white or black kids who, although have never committed a felony, call themselves "gangsters," "Homie G's," or other wasteful nicknames. They call themselves gangsters because they listen to rap, sag, talk in slang, and cuss. This group is found mostly in Junior High, but unintelligent elementary school kids may also be these kinds of gangsters.

The hilarious thing about this group of “gangsters” is that they speak so seriously, but they don’t realize they look like complete morons.

2 - The Mini-Mafia. This group, high enough to be called an actual gang, consists of High-Schoolers who may do criminal acts such as vandalism, underage sex, drinking (or other forms of alcohol) and/or occasional murders. These people are generally uneducated morons, yet they are still hazardous.

3 - The Mafia. This group is consisting of thugs who will willingly identify a man, track him down, and kill him for money. Generally, they are white businessmen (or not, depending on your definition of “businessmen”) They are very organized and are often associated with cocaine and other drugs. They are, however, usually civilized enough not to talk in slang tongues.

4 - The Upper-Class. This group consists of adults who, formerly or imaginably, used to be poor men struggling for survival, forced to live on the streets. As a result of writing rap songs out of their experiences, they gain money, fame, and like every celebrity, hatred.

5 – The Real Deal. This consists of people who were born and raised on the streets. Instead of nobly living a homeless life in a shelter or acting as a typical hobo, they choose to commit crimes to get money (most of which end up being used for drugs and alcohol). Life near The Real Deal is a large risk.
1 - George: "Yo, Gordon, what's up me Homie Black?"
Gordon: "Nothing much, fucka. I've just been hangn' in the hood"
George: "Shut yo' mouth, foo'. The gangster life just don't tolerate shit like that."

2 - George: "Yo, Gordon, what'd yo' do to dat punk who bumped yo' in the hallz?"
Gordon: "I just left a sample of hell on his backporch."
George: "Fire settles everything, me nigga. By the way, Yolanda is pregnant..."

3 - George: "Gordon, sit down. A man by the name of Tom Cruise has mocked our headquarters. I want you to take him out."
Gordon: "I have no motivation."
George: "I will offer $5,000 if you can get him dead tonight."
Gordon: "Where'd I put my gun?"

4 - "I started out at 15
Scared as hell
I took 30 off a pack
And i made them sales
As a youth man i used to hustle for loot
With that little deuce deuce
And my triple fat goose
Sippin' easy jesus
Rockin' the leases
But mama whipped me when she found my pieces
I look back on life and think thank god im blessed
We the best on the planet so forget the rest" - Tony Yayo

5 – George: Damn bitch ran into me, so I gunned down dat mutha fucka.
Gordon: Did you get his wallet?
George: I already bought the crack.
by Fra22 May 08, 2006
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There are two types of "gangster":

1) A wannabe thug, often illiterate and an inhabitant of a downtrodden ghetto that hangs around in "gangs"; largely associated with the African-American subculture. These try-hard wanna be "gangstas" attempt to make themselves appear like real criminals by graffiting buildings, smoking/selling drugs and trying to looking all "bad-ass and macho an'-shit, yo". An utter degradation of what true gangsters represent (see below), and street wannabe "gangsta"-types don't hold a candle to what real gangsters are.

2) The *real* gangsters are those behind organised crime; most notably the Mafia. Responsible for blackmarket trade, epsionage, organised beatings/assassinations, etc. "The Godfather" portrays the archtype of true gangsters, showing the brutality of mob beatings, shootings, running rackets and abusing woman, alcohol and everything in between. The real gansters are *not* to be confused with the aforementioned definition, commonly used as it might be.
1) I'm da gangsta in da hood, yo. Bustin' shiznitz an' layin' da cuts straight sittin' on yo ass wiv me Colt 40 and homies, cuttin' back a fat split in me crib, yo.

2) "All right, you just shot 'em both. Now what do you do?"
"Sit down and finish my dinner."
by Alhadis March 08, 2005
Crip Lover BK 4 Life, you are an IDIOT. The first gangsters were not African-American, they were Italian. There are MILLIONS of white gangsters out there that aren't wankstas any more than your average Crip or Blood is.
Al Capone was a gangster. Tony Soprano is a gangster. Crip Lover BK 4 Life is NOT a gangster. Ja Rule is NOT a gangster.
by Nick D May 23, 2003
A gangster is one who participates in organized crime, typically the Mafia; gangsters commit crimes (killing, gambling, drug dealing, prostitution) for money.
A mobster is a gangster.
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
A badass who can give respect and gets respect. A member of the Mafia.

Not to be confused with retards that call themselves gangstas.
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
What are you talking about? I've never even heard of a black gangster. Gang member, yeah, but not a gansgter. Gangster's, the real ones, are hardcore Italian.
wannabe: "Yo, sup, man, why you gettin all in my crib and face, dawg?!"

gangster: "I prefer that you speak english if you do not want me and my boys to see that you are "six feet under" very soon."

wannabe: "Whatchyo talking about, foo! That be some tight sheet!"

gangster: "very well. you have made your choice. I shall see that you get a proper funeral with the fish, so that you do not disturb me any longer."
(shoots him with a machine gun)
by Jeremy March 06, 2005
An individual who is a member of an organization that profits through organized crime. Also known as Mobsters. The guys in South Central strapped with guns and carrying large amounts of weed are more commonly known as 'gangbangers', not to be confused with 'gangsters', though both are equally dangerous.
Gangsters/Mobsters:Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti.

Gangbangers:Bloods,Crips, most other South Central street fraternities.
by BadLieutenant August 21, 2004
Retards to "claim" a city which could give less a fuck about them.

Most of the time they are 30 year olds who haven't gone through puberty, still live with their parents, work in McDonalds for a living, and still believe they're the shit.

They usually require 5 or more people to beat one person up, because they're too much of pussies to fight by themselves.

A waist of space, and an insult to everything.
Person 1: Homie G gangsters just got capped for claimin' their home town.

Person 2: Who gives a shit? Less to worry about.
by Fuckitall June 01, 2006
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